Chisako Tanaka, MD/PhD
Visiting Scholar

After receiving my MD from Kyushu University in Japan, I earned my Ph.D. at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine. Under Dr. Arata Horii’s supervision, my research focused on elucidating mechanisms of vestibular compensation after unilateral peripheral vestibular damage in a rat model using molecular biology techniques. Following this, I was a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Paul Smith and Dr. Cynthia Darlington in Otago University in New Zealand. My postdoctoral work involved investigation of alterations in central nervous system function after inner ear damage in rats. I have spent the past few years as an ENT surgeon in Japan focusing on clinical and surgical work. 

I joined the Jan Lab at Vanderbilt in November, 2023. I am very excited to investigate inner ear development and regeneration using cutting edge approaches with a focus on human derived tissues. 

Outside of work, I am busy with my three children. I treasure time with my family and am grateful for being here together in Nashville. I also enjoy hiking, cooking, running, and yoga to refresh myself.