Macey Soltis
Research Assistant II

I am a Research Assistant II in the Jan lab since early January 2022. My academic career started at The University of Florida where I completed my bachelor’s degree in animal sciences. While at The University of Florida, I was able to work with Dr. Antonio Faciola’s lab on dairy cattle nutrition. Soon after I made the move to Tennessee, where I completed my master’s degree at The University of Tennessee. For my master’s program, I focused on rumen microbiology under the mentorship of Dr. Phillip Myer. After completing my master’s program, I was able to start my new position working in the Jan Lab and continue my passion for research. As of now in the lab I help with maintaining the mouse colony, genotyping, and co-leading an alternative splice variant project.  When not at work, I enjoy hiking, reading, and exploring around the Nashville/Franklin area.